I believe I'm on this earth to help impact-driven entrepreneurs to scale their businesses to be bigger than they are. I'm currently deep in exploring what that could look like next.

As Co-Founder of tech company Thinkific, I've helped over 50,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses grow their companies while educating more than 100 million students around the globe.In 2021 my team and I took Thinkific public with a $1B+ valuation, furthering our mission to make it simple for businesses to scale by teaching what they know. We did this while approaching business differently, earning multiple accolades including Great Place to Work ® and Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures™ awards along the way.Beyond Thinkific I've built and grown numerous businesses from a small web design agency to a nationally recognized photography studio, I've helped scale a team from 40 to 1600 people, brought in over 7 figures with my side hustle, busted my a$$ laboring as a beekeeper, and got my MBA just for fun.Along the way, I've learned that all the fun is in the journey. I recently stepped away from public company leadership for the second time in my life, in pursuit of refocusing my energy on small business entrepreneurs building companies around what they are passionate about (while building community along the way.)Curious? Stay connected!


Vancouver-based entrepreneur, angel investor, and mentor for women in business. Audacious goal-setter. Occasional indie film producer. Mom to a very cool 10-year-old and his 3yr old baby brother.

Recent Accolades:

2022 Report on Business Best Executive Award (Operations) by the Globe and Mail |
2022 Winner
RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards |
2021, 2022 & 2023 Women of Influence Nominee

Recently Appeared (selected):

Dovetail Summit 2023 | Scaling Self: Unlocking Your Next Act with Miranda Lievers RoundtableElevate 2023 | Elevate Women+ Incubator Founder TalkFirehood Summit for Girls 2023 | Inspiring the next generation in STEAM KeynoteBaby Bathwater Croatia 2023 | Lessons on Scaling to 500 People & a Billion Dollar IPO KeynoteTech Talent North 2023 | The Power of the Narrative in Influencing Buy-In and Organizational Change Speaker PanelSaaS Academy 2023 | The Mess in the Middle from Scale to Growth KeynoteDream Big Conference 2023 | Having a Resilient Entrepreneur Mindset KeynoteSaaS North 2022 | Navigating the Hard Parts of Change Management Fireside ChatCamp Tailwind 2022 | Overcoming the Messy Middle from Scale to Growth KeynoteStartup Scaleup Summit by Roynat Capital and Scotiabank 2021 | The Journey from Idea to IPO Powering Online Courses Globally Fireside ChatTech Talent North 2021 | Scale Fast, Fail Fast? How to Avoid Cannibalizing Culture During Hyper Growth Speaker PanelDM EXCO 2021 | A culture of iteration: growing a motivated team at scale Lecture

Notable Articles:

Fast Company | We need to get beyond ‘lean in.’ Women shouldn’t have to fix the workplace themselves Entrepreneur | 3 Strategies to Painlessly Free up Time and Get More Done

On Air & In Print (selected):

BC Business | Thinkific co-founder Miranda Lievers talks transitioning out of the company and what's nextThe Road to Seven | Navigating Hockey Stick Growth with Miranda LieversSmall Business BC | Meet Miranda LieversCultureIndex.io | The Culture Interview with Miranda LieversLive with Laura Podcast | Write your own Playbooks with Miranda LieversTech of Business Podcast | A Practical Conversation about Thinkific with Co-Founder Miranda LieversBC Business | Tech unicorn Thinkific moves to the head of the online learning class.COO Alliance Second in Command Podcast with Cameron Herold | Building A Culture Of Feedback with Miranda Lievers

My husband Reilly and I host occasional dinners with a disparate group of friends + people we'd like to get to know. In YVR or going to be passing through? Reach out - we'd love to extend an invite to our next event!beautiful photo by paulaowen.ca

What would it look like if I show up on your stage to speak as the very best of me, with everything I have, with the goal to unlock real insights for those in attendance that could maybe, just maybe, change their life?Let's find out.

I'm actively booking virtual and in-person speaking engagements for the remainder of 2023 and the first half of 2024, with the goal to make each keynote the best talk I've ever delivered.I will make your audience laugh, and I'll probably make some of them cry (in all the right inspirational & connected ways). I'll share lessons and stories that will be both unforgettable and actionable. I won't take the stage with a goal of entertainment (I'll do that too), but transformation.And so far, I'm building a track record to prove it.Feedback I've heard recently:

  • "You brought everyone along with you - from those brand new to business to those who are seasoned pros, you spoke to and connected with everyone in the room"

  • "Your super power is how you make people feel when you're speaking. Your use of storytelling and connecting to the human experience is transformative."

  • "This just gave me years of my life back, from scaling mistakes I no longer have to keep making. Insightful, actionable, and inspirational. Thank you!!"

  • "I've been to countless talks and I've never seen someone create the feeling of connection & community among every audience member like you just did. Powerful."

Who I speak to:The audiences who will get the most out of my talks are:

  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners with growing companies (generally with teams of 5 - 500)

  • Senior leadership teams of companies that seek to have an impact beyond shareholder return (we can do so much more than that!), looking to connect and inspire their team around a shared mission

  • Groups of passion-driven people who are working in pursuit of their own thing. This can be entrepreneurs as above, but the topics of growth, being entrepreneurial, leaning into what scares us, and not believing impossible things are impossible are equally impactful for folks at transformational moments, working in non profit, and dreamers of all ages.

What I speak about:I'm regularly building out new material and would love to customize content based on where your audience is today and what is most needed.Current Keynotes (45-60 minutes):

  • Navigating the mess in the middle of scale and growth
    There are countless resources on how to start a business and many more on how to operate at scale, but precious little about how to navigate the big mess in the middle. This talk is designed to unlock how you think about scaling your business so you’ll be better equipped to get unstuck, deal with impossible judgement calls, and deal with the mess in the middle of scale & growth.

  • The Team is the Company: building incredible teams and culture as a core strategic differentiator
    Everything we achieve for our customers is done by and through our team, but our collective approach to human resources, culture, and team building needs to be updated to take full advantage of the incredible humans we do this work with. The most impactful organizations move together as one, unlocking connection and human potential. See your team and how you build the rhythms of iterating on your internal practices for your team as much as your external ones in a new light.

Short Talks & Workshops:

  • How to be entrepreneurial & inject entrepreneurial thinking alongside the existing rhythms of business

  • Your next act: when the world is wide open, what do you lean into next?

  • Customized interactive workshops designed to put new tools to work around entrepreneurial thinking, audacious goals, and transforming teams and culture

Your business is by all accounts on the path to success - you've got a team, a growing customer base... and the feeling that you're still just making it all up as you go along.

Instead of owning a business, you own a job. You're feeling like everything would probably be more manageable if you just slowed down, but fear that things would fall off the tracks if you so much as take a proper offline vacation. Equally, you're focused on growth, and you're not sure how to choose BOTH your sanity and the best next step for your company's future.You're certainly not alone - and it doesn't have to be this way.I'm currently accepting a limited number of consulting engagements with CEOs &/or COOs tackling specific scaling problems in their growing business.If you're tackling a problem or challenging phase and looking for an experienced extra set of hands or advisor to support you and your team through it, we should talk. I work with impact driven B2C (business to consumer) & B2SB (business to small business) companies, with teams ranging from a handful of people to a couple hundred.My hats generally encompass customer // business model // team, and working directly with the CEO and/or COO is where I can add the most value. If you've ever heard "a chief operating officer, revenue officer, marketing officer, or analyst" could help, we're probably close to my zone of genius and should talk. I'd love to celebrate you hitting your next phase!

  • I'm not currently accepting ongoing coaching clients or fractional CxO engagements, but I do maintain a waitlist.

  • I am currently accepting a limited number of time-boxed consulting engagements. If you're working on a project or tackling a problem and need a seasoned advisor or set of extra hands to support you and your team, let's connect!

Great conversations and connection with people who are passionate about what they do are intoxicating.I'm fascinated by you.If you're the founder of an established business or project that you're in the process of growing, we're meant to talk...

*Your email goes to me personally, and not onto any company list. Replies are from me directly! *

This is a live-quality replay of the talk I gave March 10, 2023 at the Dream Big Conference.It's shared here for those attendees who have asked to hear it again! Please reach out if you'd like to use it for any other purpose - happy to make that possible.- Miranda© 2023. All rights reserved.

If you're here, we're likely connecting on a podcast, for an article, or for a speaking engagement. Welcome!Here are a few media-ish assets to make that smoother.Bio Option 1:Miranda Lievers is a Vancouver-based entrepreneur devoted to helping impact-driven business owners to scale their companies to be bigger than they are. As Co-Founder of Thinkific she's helped over 50,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses grow while educating more than 100 million students around the globe, achieving $1B unicorn status along the way. She's an angel investor, mentor for women in business, audacious goal-setter, occasional indie film producer, and mom to 2. Find her at https://mirandalievers.com.Bio Option 2 (ultra short):Thinkific Co-Founder Miranda Lievers is a Vancouver-based entrepreneur, angel investor, mom to 2, and mentor for women in business.**Misc interesting facts if you want to pull in something more interesting/specific/particular: **🦄 Co-founded & built tech co. @Thinkific, achieving $1B Unicorn status in 2021🚀 Helped 50k+ successful businesses grow💸 Have raised over $200M from investors🚢 Jumped ship from public company life back to small business... twice🔥 Exploring what serving this community could look like next

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